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Kaghati (Spring Quarter) | Week 7

Class 13: Shot Lighting Progress!

Most recent animatic (05/02)

Shot 26 first pass lighting

Shot 11 final render

Shot 23 (almost) final render (again)

Shot 14 final render (except for one ear)

Shot 10 almost final (finally troubleshooted the battery texture comp!)

List of renders to-do for this week: Maansi

  • re-rendering SH14 Final HD with smoothed girl - DONE

  • SH12 Final HD (should be quick because no hair!)

  • SH24 Ivan Ver2 540p


  • SH26 540p first pass sequence - DONE

  • SH19 Ver3 540p sequence

  • SH13 540p first pass sequence

  • keep trouble shooting the SH23 fish kite texture flickering…

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