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Kaghati (Fall Quarter) | Week 5

Mid terms week!! My main goal before our Wednesday critique at Arnold hall is to have every shot rendered in some form or shape, as well as have color graded passes of the whole film at whatever stage they are at (for continuity!)

Class 9

Most Recent Animatic (10/11)

Update on most of the recent shots that I worked on this week.

SH06 (Touching Up Lighting)


- figure out sky situation -- render a sky pass with an HDRI?

SH08 Relight


-This is a render pass with deleted frames for hair glitches

- Send girl layer to christian to render xgen

This is SH07-09 put side by side, color graded to match each other better to flow smoothly in sequence.

SH22 Color Grading/Relight to match SH23


Class 10

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