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Kaghati (Fall Quarter) | Week 7

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

More Poster iterations & tackling those final CBB shots! (The Final stretch)

Class 13

WIP Poster!

This week I spent time on working on making our official poster, while Christian and Lorena helped locally render the broken xgen frames for the CBB hair pop shots.

This was my initial test render, and then I made a rough comp to send to the slack to receive feedback on layout, color, lighting and fonts etc.

Initial Layout Pass

Draw-over notes on second pass:

Feedback Notes:

  • Lower the kaghati title slightly

  • have the string direction feel more intentional and lead the eye naturally on the page

  • extend the work bench wood further down so that there's less clashing textures

  • tilt the hero kite, eraser and remote control more angled for more interesting compositions. (POTENTIALLY try having the hero kite wing cover all the names?)

  • toy plane feels a bit too small -- increase scale

  • add a side fold up to the wb paper for more interest

  • have the wooden ruler end earlier on the screen

SH27A (HD Render with initial Ext. Env render.)


  • add small tufts of grass in that crack between the floor plank and the door

Steven's environment progress for SH32 & 27:

These were the draw-overs/notes I gave him for this recent update:

  • progress on this is awesome! I like the warmness of the colors a lot and its looking much more natural with the added patches

  • I like the shadow softness on this!

  • reduce the amount of rocks on the walkways or just move them into the grass patches

  • the biggest thing that stands out to me still is the height transition between the different foliage patches-- both in the overall fence perimeter and also between the dirt + small grass patches

  • This will probably be my final critique because we are very quickly approaching the deadline, but I did a quick roto paint to show what what I meant by softening the transition :

  • I can do a lot of the roto-painting for the final comp for sure, but because its animated grass it'd be great to have it done as much as possible in render

SH11 (Relit--Final!)

  • Fixed the distracting rim light on her hair (used aiBlockers + Light AOVs)

  • Added a subtle reflection of the hero kite in her eye spec to signify that it has caught her eye]


Class 14

Getting so much closer!!! 95.38% to be exact.

SH27A (Final)

- added steven's grass tufts

SH27B (Waiting on environment re-render with new alembic)

- wrong camera for exterior environment--final after the re-render!

SH17 (Final!)

- did a lot of render noise fixing & solving technical issues

- fixed the plane string clipping and xgen issues

SH24 (Final!!)

- blurred BG more and fixed xgen glitches

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