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Kaghati (Spring Quarter) | Week 3

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Class 5: Animatic

Most recent wip film cut (04/05/21) password: kaghati

Update 2: Tech failures and more pipeline setup files

This weekend was very challenging because my computer stopped turning on entirely (containing my files for several Kaghati lighting shots) that I am still unable to retrieve...

I continued to work on the film regardless but on areas that don't have as much of a visual output:

  • Created the lighting set files for SH30, 19, 11 and 12

  • Created a shot list tracker for me and Christian to stay up to date on what has been uploaded to the drive in terms of set lighting files:

Update 3: Compositing Tests

Because I couldn't access the lighting file itself, I tried to visualize the notes I had for this shot just in comp. I added in a temporary battery symbol and added some glow effects in nuke to see what it would look like. In the meeting, we decided we wanted it to be slightly more stylized of an icon--> so Alyssa drew for us this battery logo that I will apply to the screen as a looping mp4 texture that blinks on and off!

I also wanted to look up reference for how to animate the rack focus in the zdefocus node.

Class 6: Lighting/Rendering Progress

Update 1 | sequence render test of SH 10, animating the depth of field

initial 540p render test on farm -- I noted the missing textures and fixed them

Update 2 | beginning lighting of SH 27 + problems

I started lighting shot 27 and these are some super low sample local render tests,

the problems I was facing include: - missing the ground texture of exterior environment

- fighting with the hero kite shader reacting to light changes -- I had to go back and change the shader parameters for this shot because previous versions were getting too blown out

- something wrong with the cache files for this -- animation timing was slightly off and geo was overlapping

Notes for myself for this shot:

- Get rid of the rim on the front side of the grandpa's foot, and lower exposure of rim

- Add in ground geo

Update 3 |

  • I re-rendered SH02 with fixed kite overlapping problem (took some time to troubleshoot that)

  • Fixed issues with SH10 and rendered that Full Sequence out -- if all is fine I will upload that for Maansi to render the final version!

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