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Kaghati (Fall Quarter) | Week 2

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Over the weekend I worked on getting final CBB renders on SH04 & SH30. I also was able to make progress on SH07, 08, 26 & 16.

Class 3

SH04 (Final)

- The spotty render noise issue with the fish kite still persisted, so I decided to manually roto-paint out the noise instead of spending hours troubleshooting the same ongoing issue. It seemed to work well.

SH30 (SO CLOSE to final)


- rendered with the wrong camera -- should have a perspective zoom motion

- fix the distracting bright highlights on kites

SH26 (Final after fixing xgen glitches)

- hair issues begin from frame 74 onward. I think I will try fix this by re-exporting the patches with a larger frame range.

SH08 (First Rough Pass)

test render at 540p


- need to check with the other shots for continuity, this one feels like the odd one out like lighting and color wise

- blur edge of table a tad more

- (not lighting) lower eyelash dark spot at F78 & 85?

SH16 (First Rough Pass)


- make sure to un-smooth the toy plane windshield & hide the extra knot on the spool

SH07 (Finished Lighting file setup)

This lighting is just barely started


Class 4


fixed notes from last pass + comp tweaks -- sun flares and color adjustments


- Fix ghosting motion blur issue on blue plastic stool + toy plane

- add more rim to highlight/shape her ponytail sim!!

SH04 (FinalFinal)

added sun flares in comp + fixed floor issue


test render at 540p


- make sure whatever her skin tone is in the final frame matches the next shot 8 because she gets pretty dark here

- blur the harsh triangular line from fog in comp

- add more fill overall--brighten to dark darks

- try to have her hair lighting be more consistent overall

- add fixed plane UV model


HD Render pass


- Fix sketchbook clipping


First Pass Render -- experiencing a lot of xgen issues that I am still troubleshooting..


- Fix hair

- add plane remote to top of desk

- hide the static spool string!

The said xgen issues :( -->

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