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The Mill Collaboration | Week 5


Re-shot our green screen, refined lighting transitions & big strides in compositing!

What we achieved this week:

  • Reshot green screen in green screen room (AJ, KK, ML)

  • Edited train animation (AJ, KK, ML)

  • Edited shot 3 camera move (AJ)

  • Added train texture to scene (AJ)

  • Modified guitar frets/model (KK)

  • Re-rendered FX to match lighting (GL)

  • Edited lighting and light transitions (ML, AJ, KK)

Goals for next week:

  • Troubleshoot render noise/transmission samples (ML, KK, AJ)

  • Work on train windows (AJ)

  • Continue refining texture & shader details (AJ, KK)

    • add specular roughness map + bump details to train and amp

  • Refine/add comp details (ML)

  • Separate lights onto their own AOV’s (AJ, KK, ML)

  • Add additional smoke elements (GL)

Updated Viz (04/27)

In this updated iteration of our rendered visualization, we increased depth of field in all shots, improved the warm-->cool light + lens flare transitions between shot 2 and 3, changed the shot 3 camera and train animation and added the new train model with the textures. Ken also completely re-lit shot 1 with a sunset reference and added confetti for bokeh--I think he did a beautiful job at it!

Re-doing Shot 3 Animation

Based on last week's feedback, I spent some time adjusting the camera and train timing so that the train doesn't fall behind too much.

V1: have camera follow train better

V2: made camera and train animation linear

V3: have train slow down at the end

Refining Lighting Transitions

A major critique that we received last week for lighting was to have the animated spotlight in shot 4 be lined up with how shot 3 ends. We decided we really liked the overexposed look for our transition so I focused on having the white light fill up most of the stage in the first few frames, then quickly pan down to reveal the concert setting.

Look dev Notes

After seeing the renders with updated train texture, we gathered some notes on how to improve.

  • turn up roughness on train metal + add a map for specular breakup/variation

  • much more detail to main foreground amp plastic material + buttons

  • train windows -- make shader consistent per shot + have an interior light glow

Re-shooting Green Screen

featured left to right: (creating stage lighting set-up, shooting plates, rim light reference)

This week we also re-shot our green screen (with a much cleaner and professional setup this time!) It was very fun being back in the studio and setting up the physical lights to match the rims hitting the sides and heads like our crowd reference. Felt like I was lighting a scene in maya but not!!

Each of us packed multiple different outfit variations so that we could mix and match to create the look of a varied crowd.

Mill Feedback Notes


  • Reduce brightness and amount of bokeh confettI (=reduce intensity, quantity & speed)

  • shot 1 is too monochromatic

  • shot 1 should have cooler shadows

  • too much volume on top of everything

  • don’t make it too pinked the whole way through


  • love the warm and cool color variations


  • have more flare detail

    • add lens flare-y spikes, subtle & textured


  • cram in more people

  • cheat the crowd bring them lower down

  • more silhouetted

  • shouldn’t see the backs of people

    • should just be heads

  • have more value differences in shot 04 background


  • love the acting

  • Courtney Cox made her debut at a concert and so should we :')

Once again, that's all for this week. Thank you for tuning in!!!

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