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Created with Python for Nuke

This project was inspired by a different personal project I was working on at the same time: Fa Dai.

I have always admired the unique look of film photography and found myself constantly compositing and color grading my final images to look have filmic qualities. I always ended up stringing the same set of nodes and adjusting them in a fairly similar way and thought it would really speed up my workflow to have just one node that has easy sliders to do all of that in one place.


  • Ability to apply presets to your image or sequence in nuke with customization knobs based on the look of popular film brands (Fuji, Kodak etc.)

    • A more user friendly, intuitive and familiar UI to color grade vs. nuke’s more overwhelming settings

  • Basically the 'VSCO' editing app but in nuke



  • 3-5 different film presets

  • Contrast + Brightness

  • Exposure

  • Black point 

  • HSL Adjustments (master, highlights, shadows) - color slider like lightroom

  • Temperature (split tone)

  • Halation (img>adjustments>threshold) - exponential Glow (downloaded)

  • Grain (downloaded from actual film as overlays + option to upload custom grain)

  • Vignette (downloaded or make myself)

  • Additional - Blurs/bokeh

  • Additional - Lens flare

  • Additional - Text for date/time


(Potential) Nuke nodes to utilize:

  • Filter nodes

    • Soften

    • Sharpen

    • Erode (blur)

    • Sharpen

    • Exponential glow

    • Vignette

    • Grain

  • Color nodes

    • Grade

    • Color correct

    • Add

    • ColorLookup (LUTs)

    • GenerateLUT

    • HueCorrect

    • Histogram

    • HSV Tool

    • Saturation

    • SoftClip (compresses HDR -> 0-1 range)

    • Toe (lifts black level without affecting whites)

    • ColorTransfer (takes colors from one image and directly applies it)

  • Draw nodes

    • scannedGrain

    • Radial, Ramp (for bokeh blurs)

    • Flare (for lens flares)

    • Dither (adds random noise to image)

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