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(06/2022) A personal lighting exploration project, inspired by film photography

I recently came across a podcast that mentioned the concept of Fa Dai (Chinese), which roughly translates to 'zoning out', 'staring blankly into space', or how she put it: 'The Art of Doing Nothing'. It was a discussion on the benefits that doing this has on our productivity and general wellbeing. I really resonated with this--it's always in moments of stillness, breaks or even boredom that I feel the most mentally recharged or artistically inspired by the simplest things. I'm able to feel truly present in this calm. The workings of the world feel so much more grand and incredible and this is exactly the sensation I wish to capture in this little project.

In determining the visual style I wanted to go for, I have always loved the look of analog/film photography and thought it would be cool to replicate its dramatic, grainy, hazy 'nostalgic' quality in CG. I also wanted to use this project as a way to learn how to use ACES color management for the first time, as well as lighting the same environment with different lighting setups. 

Lastly, the poem I chose to accompany these visuals and drive the narrative of the short was written by my good friend Sarah Lim! I adore all of her writing and this was a fun way for me to showcase that. :)

PROCESS BOOK (WIP, updated live)

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