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The Mill Collaboration | Week 3


Contextualizing our project, Setting the Stage, and narrowing our attention to details

What we collectively did this past week:

- Redid our stage set to be a larger outdoor venue (ML)​

- UV-ed and optimized the train, guitar, and amp models (KK, AJ)​

- Revised and added smoke to shots 2,3, and 4 (GL) ​

- Added twists and changed the shape of the confetti (GL) ​

- Created sound cues for our sound designer & had sound design meeting (GL, KK, AJ, ML)​

- Refined and finalized previs timing and train animation (ML, AJ)​

- Cleaned up our main maya file/pipeline (AJ) ​

- Added green screen crowd, tracked green screen and background image (ML) ​

- Began compositing smoke and confetti assets with rough depth of field, added temp Nuke spotlights (ML)

Updated Previs

Train Look dev Progress

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