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Grandpa's Kite Garage



Why Kites?

In the loosest sense, kites symbolize freedom. They fly openly into the sky but at the same time are supported from the ground below. Without its spool and thread, the kite will fly uncontrollably—getting stuck to power lines or wandering astray into nature. In life, we are taught to dream big and have ambitions that stretch far and high into the fast-paced technological world. Kaghati aims to highlight the importance of acknowledging the people who support us in that journey, be it through understanding the cultural roots of our loved ones, ancestors, or even taking the time to share the joy of a simple moment of flying a kite.

Bit of Indonesian History

Kaghati Kolope is the first recorded kite in human history that displayed interaction with people. They were depicted in a cave painting in Muna Island, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, which has been dated from 9500–9000 years B.C. 

Kite Des​ign Concepts by Alyssa Lee


Fun Facts!

  • It is made from entirely natural materials, including dried Kolope leaves and twisted pineapple fibres, making it light and thin for optimized flight.

  • It is said that people wanted to reach the Gods by flying kites. This is depicted in drawings on cave walls, which was drawn using blood, as well as brownish-red plant sap. The ancient drawings can still be seen in the Sugi Patani cave in Liang Kabori village, Muna Island. 

  • German kite enthusiast Wolgang Bieck claimed that kites from Muna date back further in history than those from China.

  • The people from Muna still make Kolope kites today, and their graves are still covered by kites. 


Kite Garage Concepts by Alyssa Lee

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The House
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WhatsApp Image 2020-04-18 at 5.21.15 PM.
Living Room

Location : Raha Town, Muna Island, SE Sulawesi, Indonesia

Date : 17th July 2009, Friday

Time : Late Afternoon (5pm)

House Exterior
characterdesign02 (2).png
The Characters


Name : Alya Angkasa 

Gender : Female

Age : 9

Height : 106cm

Weight : 32kg

Place of Birth  : Jakarta, Indonesia

Traits : Playful, Short-tempered, Curious, Determined, Childish



Name : Ridwan Angkasa

Gender : Male

Age : 68

Height : 170cm

Weight : 65kg

Place of Birth  : Raha Town, Muna Island, SE Sulawesi, Indonesia

Traits : Patient, Meticulous, Cautious, Adventurous, Wise


Meanings & Symbolism

  • Alya; Arabic, Indonesian, Malay

    • Means "sky, heaven, loftiness" in Arabic.

  • Ridwan; (Arabic: رضوان‎ Riḍwān) 

    • Means "pleased". In Islamic tradition, Ridwan is the name of an angel in charge of maintaining Jannah. Also Means: "Pleased, satisfied, devoted to God".

  • Angkasa; Indonesian, Malay 

    • Means “sky, space”.


The Toy plane 

  • Using these two as a metaphor for the similarities between the girl’s and grandpa’s cultures. 

    • Cultural differences are often just people expressing the same interests and beliefs in different tangible forms. 

    • Shows that her and her grandpa are not so different after all.

    • Goes beyond the theme of “modern vs. traditional”, but about being open to learning more about your cultural roots.

  • They share the common interest of flying things--it runs in the family!

Color Script
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