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Created with PySide 2 and QT
Note: All file paths + game screenshot images were edited out/not included due to NDA


This project was an exercise as part of my lighting internship at Raven Software. It was mentored and was a great opportunity to practice developing Python skills in a context new to me as well as provide a visually helpful tool for the team to use. 


  • Contact Sheet UI tool for game screenshots on Call of Duty: Vanguard (2021).

  • Emulates Nuke's Layer Contact Sheet gizmo.

  • Creates a .jpg file per map or zone based on screenshots of pre-defined view-positions in the game.


  • Adds the name of map & date created along the bottom with numbered boxes for each image in the collage.

  • Generates a preview of the contact sheet before writing out the image to pre-determined filepath.

  • Options to build output from different platforms: PS5, PS4, PC, XB3, XB1, or All.

  • Output message bar at very bottom (communicating to user.)

  • Map & Zone list dropdown menu.

  • (Extra if feeling fancy) Change border size

Draft Sketch to Visualize the tool:

Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 10.25.38 PM.png
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