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Acrylic Paint on Clay and found objects

This project was a collaboration with Ryan G. Irwin


Our project depicts a narrative between a broken, old robot stuck in the rain who meets a young boy only wanting to help.  The narrative was achieved by establishing a strong relationship between the two characters as they interact with a gesture of selflessness. Inspiration drawn from modern media such as the film ‘Iron Giant’ and textural images found online influenced the character’s designs; such as seen in the robot’s geometric form and the young boy’s rain gear attire. 

The organizing principle, emphasis, is shown focused on the robot through the use of implied line, depicted by the suggested sight relation between the two characters as well as the compositional placement of the subordinate elements directing towards the robot. It is further shown within the size relationship, as the robot begins to tower over other objects, catching the eye quicker, while some other environmental elements are building up to him. 


Acrylic Paint on Clay

I chose to base my project off of the source sculpture: ‘Dying Niobid’ circa 450-440 BCE from the Classical Greek period, because I was drawn to the dynamic stillness of the outstretched hands, bent knees and the way the drapery falls naturally around her. Upon prior research, I analyzed smooth surface textures and facial features in buddha characters from ancient Southeast-Asian, Chinese and Japanese culture, as well as dynamic poses from Ancient Greece—all of which were motivating factors towards my transformation design.


My project displays dynamic form through capturing a moment mid-stance during a traditional Thai dance, a performance I grew up watching all the time, making sure to continue this motion in the clothing folds. I employed expressive compositional texture throughout the piece in the sequined top, pleated waistband, silky pants and patterned accessories. Finally, color was applied in layers of a dark earth-toned base with brushes of metallic top coat accents to achieve the visual texture of gold.


I chose to name my character ‘Fhai’, the Thai word for ‘Fire’, because I felt that the warm hues and her confident stance reflected this.

Dying Niobid'
circa 450-440 BCE 
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