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Kaghati (Spring Quarter) | Week 4

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Class 7 | More Lighting Progress & Promo

Update 1: We officially posted our teaser trailer to the public! :) It was lovely to see everyone's responses and support towards the project.

Update 2: Shot 19 & Shot 27 Lighting

Shot 19 Notes:

  • Looks too much like a spotlight--how to make it look more like sun shining through the window?

    • Add gobo filter

    • reduce softness of shadow from key light

  • Is the front box placement distracting?

    • experiment with different placements + completely or partially hidden

  • Leave the lamp bulb off even though it doesn't ~technically make sense

  • SH18-19 overhead light continuity: have the grandpa turning on the light flicker continue on to the beginning of shot 19

Shot 27 Notes:

  • Updated christian's new cache to fix the body clipping issues

  • left side of frame is still much too bright--doesn't match the shot right after this

  • forgot to update the kite uv on this render

  • Lorena's garage door texture stretching -- remove the scratch noise that's up close to the camera for this shot!

Update 3: Shot 10 & Shot 24 sequence renders, & Shot 23 Render Layer Setup

Shot 24: Set up Ivan's lighting shot for sequence render on farm

Shot 10 Notes:

  • make rack focus shift faster (plane in focus by frame 50-ish)

Shot 23: Set up Grandpa nodding shot as multiple render layers to optimize render times

- unfortunately, even with this it still hit the 2 hour kill for a 1080p render :( I will need to continue troubleshooting this problem.

Update 4: Continuity Tracker & CBB Notes

Made a quilt of all the latest lighting shots to check for continuity/transitions in the film

CBB Shot Notes: created a tracker of all the CBB Shot tweaks

Overall: I am so happy with how the team is progressing as a whole!! I am Super excited to create an updated animatic cut by the end of this week :) we have several new major animation updates to add.

Class 8 | Updated Animatic & Rendering

Most up to date animatic as of 4/15/21 | Password: kaghati

SH19 test render at low samples (with notes)

- missing bookshelf textures troubleshooting

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