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Kaghati (Spring Quarter) | Week 2

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Class 03 - Week 2 Plan

Due Thursday (04/02)

  • Shot 28 composited + exported

  • Lighting progress on Shot 27

  • Assign Shot 24 to Ivan

  • Set up shot 20 final file for Maansi to render

Due Sunday (04/04)

  • Teaser posted online!

  • Set up Shot 30 & Shot 10 set files for Christian

  • Composite god ray animation for shot 2

Shot 28 Progress

Since our last Kaghati meeting for this class on Saturday, I've been continuing to work on SH28 to get this sequence render out. We also ran our usual Sunday meeting and gave feedback for each department's update! There were a lot of new animation shots that just got approved so there is plenty of new shots for me to work on after this one.

Shot 28 First pass sequence notes for myself:

  • fix missing toy plane texture

  • beginning frame will be lighter overall (tweaked in comp)

  • I changed the harshness of the shadow like Stanley suggested but its causing too many sharp lines + double shadows-- to solve this I could put different settings on different render layers?

  • will tone down cheek highlight more

  • can add more glow but would make the shirt blow out a lot

  • export arnold standins for hair glitch frames (F24,25,56)

notes from the team:

  • at F14 the chair cushion gets dark all of a sudden -- distracting to eye

    • to solve this i will light link off the cushion from the sun light but not the key light\

  • Add camera overexposure in comp during the wincing transition

  • girl's reaction is almost too perfect with the light -- have the light get revealed slightly sooner

Class 04 - Lighting and Compositing Progress!

Here is my final render and composite for shot 28! I tried my best to address the notes as much as I could and I'm pretty happy with the result.

Shot 10 First pass lighting (low samples)

F1, F26, F50, F78

For initial iteration the goal was to get a feel of if the depth of field works for our storytelling, as well as getting a solid base lighting pass in!

Things I still want to work on:

  • remove the strange specular highlight on the side of remote

  • composite in the battery neon light sign on the screen

  • brighten up the remote just a tiny bit!

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